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It can be difficult deciding on which therapist to see. You need to feel comfortable with that person.  You wouldn't naturally talk freely with someone you didn't get on with. Feeling safe and that there is some rapport between you and the therapist will make it easier to work effectively together.

Working together will usually involve more than a single session, how many will depend on what you want support unravelling. Typically acute problems (something that has come up in response to a difficult situation) require 5 or 6 sessions.

During the first session we would discuss what you want to work on, what you hope to achieve and the number of sessions that would be advised. Also we will decide if working together is actually what what we want to do.

A phone conversation is a good place to start. We can explore what you need and see if we can help or who we might refer you to if we can't.






We run regular clinics in East Somerset, West Wiltshire and London.

Please call and chat with us about what you feel you need and we will see how we can best support you.

Call: 07971 539 040

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