At the Stress and Trauma Clinic we work with people who are struggling to cope or come to terms with situations that perhaps once they could have taken in their stride.

Sometimes life is hard. Situations and circumstances come along that knock us off track. Things that we once took in our stride leave us overwhelmed, exhausted and frazzled.

When we are finding it hard to cope, even small things become stressful. We find our thoughts dwelling on the things that might go wrong and we get anxious about things that might never happen.

People come to us when they are suffering from a range of problems:

  • Panic attacks, Excessive Stress & anxiety
  • Grief, sadness & Depression 
  • Nightmares & recurring dreams
  • Post traumatic stress disorder

We also specialise in supporting people who recognise that events and situations that happened in the past still have a hold today, effecting how we respond to situations and how we relate to the people in our lives.

When we experience stress, our bodies and minds respond in ways that are designed to keep us safe and to return us to a happy equilibrium. But it takes a lot longer to get back to a relaxed state, than the moment it takes us to get stressed. If those stresses keep piling up, one on top of another and there is no recovery time, then eventually things start to fall apart.